VELOCITY ORGANISATION:  We have delivered hundreds of successful campaigns, and developed considerable expertise in the planning, set up, execution and management of Customer Acquisition and Product Sales Campaigns

Job Profile:

Level 1: Business Associate

Learn the essentials of marketing, face-to- face advertising.

  1. Smart Selling
  2. Business Communication
  3. Brand Promotions
  4. Confidence Enhancement
  5. Customer Service
  6. Public Speaking

Level 2: Leader

Become efficient and skilled at marketing and advance to leadership roles to maximize business performance.

  1. Training & Development
  2. Sales Analysis
  3. Individual Financial
  4. Self Assessment
  5. Recruitment

Level 3: Crew Leader

Learn the basics of human resource development, expanding crew and crew development.

  1. Team Management
  2. Sales Strategy
  3. Team Profitability
  4. Business Strategy Planning
  5. Decision Making Skills
  6. R.O.I Management

Level 4: Assistant Manager

Become skilled at Managing, Coaching, Monitoring and Motivating a team, Understand the basics of Business Administration, Finances and


  1. Performance led –HR
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Project Management
  4. New Venture Creation

Level 5: Business Head

Strategize, Plan and Manage Resources and Clients. Run and own your marketing unit using your business decisions to decide its growth and


  1. Advanced Strategic Thinking
  2. Brand Management
  3. Business Expansion
  4. Business Networking
  5. Financial Budgeting & Analysis